Top 5 Putin’s Luxury Residences

“Amber” in the Kaliningrad regionputin_Amber

State President Administration complex in Pioneer city. It is one of the most opulent Putin’s residences: the price of building the residence – about 6 billion rubles. Consists of a five-star hotel and administrative building. Residence “Amber” is the huge complex for leisure and business meetings of the presidents and the political elite. It is built on the interesting place, there was a “Bismarck’s cottage”, and later – barracks for the German Luftwaffe pilots. There is a huge “main house” with a swimming pool and a helipad, hotel for less status guests and spa center on the territory. Recent years there is absolutely no information how the residence and the whole expensive interior is used. What is known is that the residence constantly suffers from water destruction and soon it can go under the water at all. To avoid this, huge amounts of money are allocated from the budget.