Top 10 Most Secluded Places on the Planet

Village of Gásadalur – Vágar, Faroe Islands
Gásadalur is a fascinating tourist gem every hermit would love to visit. From 2007 to 2012 the population grew by 1. Yes, since 2012 there are 18 people living there. Another mind-boggling fact: the first car ever to arrive to the village did so back in 2004! How crazy is that? Mesmerizing views make the tourists drool but when they realize it’s super hard to get there, the “want” just goes away.

If you like rock climbing or own a helicopter, these green fields, scattering down from the mountain peaks right into the cold hugs of the North Atlantic Gulf Stream, will make your sprinkle this barren land with tears of joy. If you’re not into all that, you should probably stick to Google maps and images, because this could be your last journey.