Top 10 Most Secluded Places on the Planet

The Crystal Mill – Crystal, Colorado, USA
This water mill in the middle of Colorado woods is one of the few wild west “relics” left in the area. The Crystal mill was built 125 years ago on the Crystal River. Many people thought it was used as a generator to supply the power but it was actually built for pumping air to the nearby silver mine. The silver crash almost wiped out the town in 1893, and 20 years later only 8 people lived there. Narrow and rocky roads make this spot nearly impossible to reach using the common means of transportation, so you’re gonna need some heavy 4×4 machinery, a sturdy mountain bike or you can always just hike there, if you’re into that. It is not, however, open for public inspections but if you want to see one of the most secluded places in the US, you better figure something out.