Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy Property In


Monaco. Floor area per $1 million: 15 sq.m.

Located in the French Riviera in Western Europe, Monaco is the home of the Formula One Grand Prix. It is where you can buy the most expensive residential properties in terms of cost per square meters. The average price is $53,226 per square meter. Well known for its casinos and yacht-filled harbours, it is a playground for the richest and the famous. One of the beautiful and serene locations in all of Europe, Monaco, besides its breathtaking beauty has now achieved the top position in the elite list of the most expensive cities to buy property in. Monte Carlo in Monaco is widely considered to be one of the most favorable locations for prime residential real estate. The ideal place to buy a luxury house would be the Carre D’Or” (Square of Gold) , located in close proximity to Place Du Casino and the real estate prices are known to go down as one proceeds to east or west further from the location. A twin tower of the Tour Odeon in Monaco facing the Mediterranean sea lies the most expensive luxury penthouse in the world at approximately $387 million.