The World’s Thinnest House

A four-foot-wide space between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland has become the world’s thinnest house. Architect Jakub Szczesny built a series of vertical spaces into the void including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge area.


Downstairs, the toilet and shower were combined, meaning you can sit and wash up at the same time. Meanwhile, the dinner table seats only two, which makes sense considering that the fridge has only enough space for two drinks. And to ease any sense of claustrophobia, the house is designed to allow the sun to brighten the interior.


Keret House will function as a place for artist residencies lasting from five to seven days. Its size prevents it from being considered a full-time residence. Szczesny, who has been working on the narrow home for three years, was inspired by the work of Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who writes extremely short stories. Keret, who has headed the art project, says he plans to live at the property, on-and-off, for six months.